WE PROPHECIZE THAT: MARY FRASKA will be a Lilly Thrush forever. AL JACOBS will keep his sunny disposition. DON LOMBARDO will continue to look for a true blonde. KATHY TULLY and SUE OBERLANDER will leave Physical Education to the underdog. JUDY PEARSON will remain tranquil. TUCKER SCOTT will become a professional chauffeur. SALLY WHITE will leave her backyard to all the pool players. SCOTT ANDERSON will build bigger and better porches. CAROL CARMICHEAL will continue to mooch rides. DAN DELINSKI will leave his left arm to a needy baseball team. SUE GALARO and BEV CUSACK will leave their cash registers. RON JONES will continue to take those early morning jaunts to Westport. JEAN McCARTHY'S first graders understand her jokes. DAVE PEEBLES will be in step with the time. JOHN SCHMANDA will leave Tokeneke foodless. MEG will decide to be an instructor in American Sports and laughter. PATTY BRADLEY will continue to get the kitchen sink into her purse. MARTIN will be the first American to memorize the Congressional Address in his leisure hours. LYNN CHURCHILL will smuggle all the Current rejects into Elmira. MARIBETH DANIS will leave her Ford to the Stamford Historical Society. EUNICE GERIAK will model for Breck Shampoo ads. BARBARA STAUB will continue to get her friends blind dates from Westport. DOM D'ACUNTO will leave -- fast. CAROLYN CORNFORTH will leave Rick Day's sick jokes to the Stamford Hospital. DOUG OWENS and JUD LAWSON will leave a chunk of muscle in the gym. HAL CLARENDON will leave his motorcycle head first. CHARLIE FESTA will leave his skill to power mechanics. DONNA DRURY. CAPPIE PENN, SHIRLY HAUSER, and GAYLE HAMILTON leave Sin City for the Midwest. GARY CHRISTMAN will never turn his radio down. BARBARA DILLION and ELIZABETH BOTHWELL will leave with a Cheshire grin. GINNY OSBORN and WENDY ROLLINS will continue to date yellow wavers. JEAN McNEILL will leave French forever. SUE MITCHELL will leave on horseback. JANE KLEIN and JUDY BORDEN will become Dr. Kildare's assistants. SUE FRABRIZIO will leave with Big Red. DWIGHT HOUSE will leave for the White House. LYNN MAURO will leave to model hour glass. BRUCE KRAIG and JOE LOPIANO will leave -- still tapping underclass resources. DICK LA FORGE will conquer the world of science. ROSE SREBOTNIK will slide down the banister of immortality. LAYNE GARSIDE will be the first woman to win the Kentucky Derby. ANNE BLYBERG will quietly drive her little green car to bigger and better things. SALLY GLENN will continue to pick up where her sister left off. LANE RUSSELL will replace Yogi Berra. SUE ROBERTS, LINDA LUPINACCI, and NANCY LINCOLN will forge ahead to"institutes of 'higher' learning". JIM CASSELMAN will leave "Pig" to his sister. DIANE PETERSON will spend more time in Florida than in Darien. PAT BLANCHARD will take her heart from Cornell to Holland. TOM MORRIS will leave his casual look to Ted Dracos. SCOTT TAYLOR and BRUCE AYER will leave Miss Mifflin to find other competent stage hands for next year's Thespians. ERIC SWENSON and BILL DEMMS will leave their combs to Jim McDermitt. WINN JONES will put out a record album -- The First Family, Volume 3. PAT BIANCO will join Bloomingdale Brothers as a fashion consultant. CHRIS SCHMIDT will exhibit several dozen paintings in the Washington Square Art Show. BETSEY KARL will leave reading a book. RON BATTAMA will be the first American to chew ten packs of gum at once. PAULA ZODDA will continue to tell people her last name isn't a beverage. DICK BOWLEY will follow in the Chief's footsteps. EMILY LEIDING will demonstrate Steinways. FRANK RANDANO will continue to "teach" class. STEVE LUDWIG will model for Brooks Brothers. JEANNE GILLESPIE will make a big splash with her slash in Boston. MARILYN MAC DONALD will leave her Yiddish accent to Darien. MIKE GALABA, DONNA VALERI, and JOE OSAKO will never return to Baker School. JO CALVE, KAY CROSBY, and MARY BROBSTON will go on to bigger and better racquets. TOM MILLER will become a second WHITY FORD. ENDER KAYA will introduce Turkey to dungarees. AL AVERY and GEORGE LA BELLE will open an antique car lot. MARIE CORBETT will leave Mr. Burgess without a babysitter. NANCY SHORT will become an Alpine yodeler. The JOHNSONS will leave to become WACS. PETER ALEXANDER will leave to finish Lincoln Center. HEATHER GILBERT and MARCIA BRUMIT will add a new chapter to Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. DAVE PURVIS will leave the bleachers silent. DAVE BRUEHL will become a member of Phi Beta Kappa. LESLIE leaves with a FLORENTINE finish. JANET SIMPSON will trade her Capezios for motorcycle boots. CHUCK SCHNEIDER will invent a chair with two legs. BETTY will leave her MINKLER to be stored for the summer.

NEIRAD (June 1963)

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