Last Will & Testament

JERRY CALVERT wills "Dumpy" to power mechanics. MIKE BRACKEN leaves to check the Darien theater's girls' room. MARY leaves her Scull to Liz. JOHN SPENCER leaves his camera in the trash can. SHERRY VOELKER leaves for the altar. To Debbie Neumeister, PAM FOLCK leaves her soft voice and southern accent. SKIP LEONARD leaves the parking lot to Mrs. Johnson. On behalf of her blossoming sister, JUDY GEGENHEIMER leaves her house. BOB KENDRICK wills his fog to the Long Island Lighthouse. LINDA RUSSELL leaves her year-round tan to Lynn Boles. To Freddy Genestra, SKIP BROOKS leaves his suit. JUDY GEELHOOD wills her sense of humor to Homer and Jethro. NED MORAN leaves Darien High School in a hurry. GEORGIA FOWLER will try to leave her egorness. LINDA FORD will leave her Ford to Scott if he gives her his Impala. SUE KEYS leaves her adventurous summers to herself. JUDY HOWLAND bequeaths her pond to all enterprising duck hunters. BOB FARRINGTON leaves for Hamilton to pick up where Mr. Ferraro left off. VICKIE will leave, if she gets organized. JEAN and GINNY HAMILTON will their mother's sewing machine to Home Economics. JOHN HAM and DICK FOWLE are left in the refrigerator. BETTY GREEN, LORRAINE SABIA and PHOEBE WILLIAMSON leave the typing room in good order. MARILYN VOGEL leaves the path over the stone wall to Dale Farrell, Jeri Mason, and Birdie Carriera. DIMITREIS (JIM) donates a pillar from the Parthenon. GENE TURNER leaves Carol to no one. BONNIE BRYDON leaves her bubbling personality to Lawrence Welk. To hopeful Nancy Bond, JANET MENARD wills her flirtatiousness. DON CUSACK bequeaths his reign as king to his brother, Mike. FLETCHER TURNER leaves his cartoons to the English Office. FRED CUTLER, LYN KEESE and JOHN MARSHALL leave the sophomore girls regretfully. BONNIE NOLAN leaves 25 pounds to a needy Junior. MARY GAY leaves two years too late. WARD MOREHOUSE leaves for the second time. PHIL KENNY leaves his snake to anyone desiring a vacation. KEN HULL unloads his Chevy to anyone who will pay to have it towed away. KATHY SAN FAN ANDRE leaves the Junior girls all her ticket stubs to New London. CAROL SWENSON, GAIL BEARE and LEE WINSOR leave their tenor voices to next year's Boys. TOM McCAFFERTY and ERIC RULE leave all their mallarky to Paul Nagle. RON HASSEL bestows his accordian to next year's Vaudeville Show. To Stan Drezek, RICKY WITCHONKE leaves his sunny disposition. LYNNE MEYER leaves Jack Rader never. MAX MICHA and SUE COON leave their used dance routines to Binky O'Neil and Anne Christophers. BUD MILLSPAUGH wills his jeep to those who can't afford to buy bus tickets. BETH DeFRAKAS leaves to find her way back to the steamer. BOB WEB and JIM WIILLIAMSON will their snooping technique to John Phann. NANCY ANDERSON leaves Kier Dullea to Theater 308. CLARK CREBER and MIKE GILLET leave their Tom McCann Seat Belts to any Underclassman with broken arches and pointed toes. JACK FISHER bequeathes one over-sized spitball for exhibit in the library. TOM SMITH leaves his water wings to Dave Stoeckle. RICK FRICKE leaves a football to Chas Leach, but will continue to make passes in the years to come without one. ANNE BATTEN wills her Greyhound to the Fitzgerald Bus Company. ISABELLE LOCKWOOD leaves, asking directions. CHRIS EVENS grants the school her permanent absence. JEFF ELLIOT leaves his chess rank robe disputed among his inferiors. CHARMAINE leaves Joe's post for the first time. STEVIE WOLD wills her orange sneakers to Ford Scott. ANDY leaves to take over for Atlas. JOHN HENNESSY leaves to impeach Kennedy. NINA VANDEN BOSCH leaves all the gum she stuck under the seat in choir for Jeri to chew. NANCY OLSEN leaves eagerly! Mr. Harper's fourth period conservatives leave him with a few grey hairs. TRISH RONK leaves a set of unusual rollers. JO-ELLEN CUTSHALL leaves her blonde hair to Gail Saunders. CAROL HOLMES leaves Darien in hopes of securing at Yale a library card. SUE WECK leaves the "Sand Box" for Wheaton. LOU DEVENDOFF leaves his Wolf grin to Dan. ELAINE CONTI leaves her glove to Jere Lynch. BOB SPERRY wills Bob Sperry to Betsy Miller. NANCY POWELL wills her intellegence and sense of humor to a gifted underclassman. CATHY WYNN leaves Brydwynn for Harcum. BOB leaves his Kitchen to K.C. Kemball-Cook. RUSSO, CHICATELL, and the boys leave their posts in B-wing. ANNE BAWDEN and DONNA McMAHON leave copies of their jokes to be distributed again next year. TON DONLAN leaves his sneezes still echoing in C-8. BOBBIE CONRATH, CAROLYN KELLY, MARGO BEEGLE, and LESLIE RINDGE leave their dirty paintbrushes in turpentine to Renoir. DON SCHAFFNER and DIANE BERT leaves their skis, but not for long. NANCY NIMS leaves all her broken lab equipment to Miss Greene. CAROL ALBRECHT wills her brains instead of her tonsils. DAVE BLINN and TOM STRUTHERS leave two dabs of "Brylcream". PAT EDGAR leaves her tunic to Bev Allen. KATHY KIRKPATRICK leaves her pseudo-sophistication to Chrisy Huughes. PETE FUEHRER wills his post to a lost cause. JIM WILSON and MIKE O'DANIEL leave Miss Greene in the lab. TOM COYNE wills his sneakers to the Salvation Army. KATHY FLAHERTY leaves 6th and 7th periods. FAITH WOODIN, CAROL BEAVEN and MARTHA DENNY leave to have their noses pierced. PAM McDEVITT leaves her house to the teachers of Darien. ZEPH LANE leaves his hydrogen peroxide to the Chem. Lab. PETER CLEMENS leaves an echo in the Holmes School Auditorium. DUFFY SMITH. DICK BURNETT and GARY FISHER leave C.S.I. with a yawn. BARBARA DUDLEY leaves with a giggle and a different boy. CAROLYN RAVEN leaves to clean up her basement. BILL ALPERT donates his pink pants to anyone who can be poured into them. FRAN WATERS leaves the S.A. room empty. PIRKKO leaves her name in dispair. FULLER and BRUSH are leaving salesmen to sell their wares - also departing are two BAKERS, a POTTER, a SHAVER, a GARDINER, a CLARKE, two SMITHS and a CARPENTER to continue their occupations elsewhere. WARD BRADY leaves detention empty. JIM HOWELL leaves his sense of humor to anyone who wants it. BILL TUGEAU and BLAKE ALCOTT leave their jokes for anyone who wants to clean them up. PRIM BUCHS and SUE ARNOLD leave the men teachers alone. CHERYL PIEPER leaves her fellowship and her most recent Triumph. HARVEY THOMAS leaves his post swarming with sophomore girls. JOHN leaves glowing. JIM BELL hands all his unsigned passes over to Roger Myers. NANCY WRIGHT exits with enthusiasm. LYNN MAGNANT leaves with a smile that says RSVP. JOE GOMES leaves .... finally. STEVE CORDES leaves in a flurry of snow. GWEM POZDENA leaves her sneakers, jeans and baseball mit to become a southern bell. JANE TAYLOR leaves to mend her ways through college. PENNY CASH and JACK CREASER leave the Prom for good. DICK SEIPT leaves an unabridged volume of bedtime stories to Mr. Ferrano to read to his CSI classes. FRANK BRIA leaves with a loadspeaker on his arm. JANE FLANDERS leaves her many words to Debbie Coyle. JEAN HAZLETON leaves her parking place at the Tastee Freeze to anyone who wants it. MIKE LUDWIG leaves with bristly legs. TOM GAINER and DAN SHARKEY leaves for Sequoia National Park. SUE DOHRMANN leaves the 20 minute lunch shifts to the faster eaters. MIKE MURRAY wills his eyes to Elsie. WALTER SWAIN leaves his bicycle to Roger Frate.

NEIRAD (June 1963)

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