Class Memorials
In loving memory of those friends we have lost.
In our memories they will live on,
and we are better for having known them.

William Alpert

Nancy Anderson

Scott Anderson
Submitted by Jean Horn

Ann Batten

David Bruehl

Carolyn Cornforth

Chris Evens
Submitted by Sue Shaver

Charles Festa

Mary Gay

Jean Gilliespie

Jean Hamilton

John Hammond

Jim Howell
Submitted by Sue Shaver

Ronald Jones

Linn Keese

Bob Kendrick

Zeph Lane

Robert McCurdy

Nancy Nims
Submitted by Barbara Dudley

Dave Peebles
Submitted by Dan Sharkey

Martin Peterdi

Stephen Potter

Linda Rossell

Lucius Smith

Michael Smith

Phoebe Williamson

Stephanie Wold

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Updated: 11 September 2013

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