Darien High School
Darien, CT
Class of 1963
Lost Classmates - Updated 15 February 2013

Please Help us find our lost classmates.

In advance of our 50th Reunion, our committee members and others have been busy making telephone contact with as many members of the class as we have information. Over the years, though, we have lost contact with some who graduated with us on that special day in June, 1963 and we hope you can help.

If you have any suggestions on how we might be able to get in touch with any of the classmates listed below, please send contact information or contact ideas to: dhs1963@hotmail.com.

High School Name
Albert Colier Avery
Bruce Manning Ayer
Margaret Carolyn Beegle
Diane Elizabeth Birt
Stephen David Blinn
Joan Bowman
Mary Carolyn Brobston
Marcia Lee Brumit
Richard Burnett
Jay Hamilton Calvert, Jr.
Penelope Ann Carter
Jill Chamberlain
Henry Mowat Clarendon, Jr.
Marie Catherine Corbett
Mary Carolyn Cornforth
Katherine Charlotte Crosby
Daniel David Delinski
Jonathan Dill
Susan Sharon Fabrizio
Loraine Ferrente
Pamela Folck
Linda Lou Ford
Mary Christine Frasca
Mickael Thomas Galaba
Susan Maia Galaro
Layne Rushforth Garside
Michael Curtis Gillett
Joseph Santos Gomes
Marty Haggie
Gayle Ann Hamilton
Mickey Harris
Ronald Errol Hassall
Adrian Humphrey
Lenny Keeler
Robert Armstrong Kitchen
Nancy Gay Lincoln
Michael Ludwig
Pamela Burt McDevitt
Jean (Melinda) McNeill
Peter Melaugh
Frederick Yon Millspaugh
Kerry Monahan
Ann Murphy
Susan Jane Oberlander
Joe Osako
Judith Dale Pearson
Cheryl Lee Pieper
Sue Ramsey
Leslie Nason Rindge
Susan Clarke Roberts
Jim Romaniello
Lorraine Gertrude Sabia
Christel Ann Schmidt
Mary Rudar Scull
Lynda Diane Smith
Robert Clinton Sperry
Thomas Gould Struthers
Jane Sunden
Jane Mudgett Taylor
Kathleen Mary Tully
Janine Barr van den Bosch
Sheryl Lee Voelker
Frances Linda Waters
Robert Theron Webb
James Peter Williamson
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